How to win at Monopoly

Love Monopoly, but sick of losing after hours of play? Well, my friend, prepare to get your just reward!

Follow these simple instructions and you can kiss losing goodbye!

Barter and pay any amount for the first three Monopoly properties of same color. Don’t waste your time on two color, railroads, utilities, etc. They are only side attractions.

Be first to get 3 same color properties. Then, put houses on them ASAP. The idea is to get 4 houses on each property. NO HOTELS. This keeps the number of possible houses per game (32) at a minimum for your opponents. Once you get a set of properties, get two more ASAP. Sell your other properties, do whatever you can to borrow, bargain, etc. Then, once you get houses on them, keep them at 4 houses per property. If you get 2 sets of 3 same color properties, that’s 12 houses per set or 24 houses for both sets. If you claim 24 houses, that leaves only 8 houses for your opponents. Don’t ever cash in for hotels, cuz that just gives the opposition access to more houses. Then, once you have 24 houses, you sit back, roll the dice, and wait to win.

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One Woman vs. Hate Speech

riot.jpgA lady I’ve never met posted something worth reposting. Her name is Tammy Lockard. Check it out:

Some in Charlottesville, were just patriots. Some are sick of the anti-white rhetoric etc. There were groups of historians who believe we should “keep monuments to remind us of our mistakes”. There were many people there who were venting, and many who were there to show their aggression.
I think it was a really poorly run event. If we shut up people we do not agree with, we will miss the chance to listen to what their issues and points of view, are..
I am a person who believes in the most freedom of speech, and free right to assemble. I don’t feel strongly about monuments to dead people. I don’t even want my own grave marked etc. I would rather completely evaporate without a trace.
The event was one where people had applied for a license to assemble. It was approved, because our laws give us the right to protest our government and opposite views, in a peaceful and orderly assembly. It should have been a protected assembly. Once the license was approved, proper law enforcement should have been in place. That is exactly where this process failed. At every instance of lawlessness or assault, on either side, arrests should have been made.
If we cannot freely assemble, we live in tyranny. These laws were put in place to insure we have a voice, all of us.
That right was an informed event of assembly. Unfortunately, the Mayor and police force chose to ignore lawlessness. The day should never have ramped up into what amounted to gang wars.
Our government officials, and Justice Department are going to have to hold law enforcement and local authorities responsible for being derelict in their duties. Otherwise, they allow organized tyranny to prevail.
The truth is, there are always going to be people who do not look like you or think like you. They are sovereign individuals, with a sovereign right to like you or not. They do not have to agree with you. You do not have to agree with them. But you do not have a right to assault them.
We have had KKK rallies forever. People typically go to watch them, like children at a parade. They watch them wear their goofy hats and say ridiculous things. The same with the Nazis. A few, stand on the sidelines and heckle the goofy people. Then, everyone goes home and gives their children lessons and opinions, and move on.
In the past, they were very minor events. They were well policed etc. Now, law enforcement have lost their authority because of a groundswell of disrespect, against their place in our society as peacekeepers.
The Anarchists are shortsighted people. They were the worst element of the day. They have no plan but to tear people and government, down. They are brutal bullies who stooped to violence. They are, ironically, the exact thing they say they hate, bullies. They hide behind masks which cannot hide the shallowness of their agenda. They have no follow-through plan for a deconstructed country. They are not there to build anything. If you ask them ” and then what?”, they have no clue. They will throw us all into chaos, and then do nothing about the damage.
I have yet to see, an anarchist who can think beyond their belligerence and rage. They scream “our rights are being denied” but when you challenge them to run for office and “be the change they want to see”, they stomp off. I personally, do not judge people who are willing to do a necessary job, I am unwilling to do. I do not give opinions without assistance and proposed solutions. They have little to no ideas. They certainly, could never be, an alternative solution. At the end of the day, someone else would need to pick up after their mess and re-establish order.
I fear the foreign hands in inciting chaos. Lincoln understood this when he said “a house divided will surely fall”.. and fall to what (or whom)? There are just too many elements of this trend, to not see a pattern of nonstop assault on our strength of our nation.

What do you think?

Chime in here!


Something Big

Something big is coming! I know, it sounds like HYPE… and, well, in a way… who cares if it is?
The point is, when something this big happens, the ones who know have an obligation, even a duty, to inform those who do not know…
Consider yourself warned. Don’t miss it! stay tuned here for more information soon!

How to get what you really want

fb_img_1486760454022Every breathing human wants something.  We all want some things more than others.

This rant is about that one thing you want most.

Think about it for more than a nanosecond.  Look up and to your right (or is it left?) and do that memory recall thingy they talk about in psychology.  Open the window of your desire. Go ahead,  I can feel you break into a cold sweat already. So, open the desire window.  You need to feel the breeze of your own values wafting across your consciousness.

Because when you truly open that window to your soul and expose what your true one burning desire is, you will be forced to identify who you are.

We breathing human beings,  yes, even you, the reader, have one desire higher than any other.

And that one thing,  whatever it is,  defines us, whether our parents, friends, siblings, children, grandchildren,  neighbors,  dog, neighbor’s dog, neighbor’s parents, sister-in-law’s gay cousin’s Republican uncle, or any other human air breather out there knows.

So if you’ve read this far, and followed the instructions thus far, and you’ve opened that window to your soul and you feel the breeze of your inner desire blowing through your pores, analyze what you want and why.

Use Me As An Example

For lack of a better example, or because  it’s my most intimate example, and purely to help you,  the reader, I’ll peel back and expose my inner desire and then analyze it right here while you’re watching.  (Hope that doesn’t make you a Peeping Tom…)

Here goes. As I open the window to my innermost desire… I see a man who misses his kids so much it stings his nose to write this sentence.

I see a man who would do anything to have those kids and their mother live with him, in harmony, under the same roof.

There, that wasn’t so hard. Yes, I’m crying writing this, but I’m not nearly as afraid of tears as I am of blocking out my innermost desire.

Now that I’ve let my reality escape into this blog post, now that I’m crying,  I want you to open your window of your innermost desire  and prep for your analysis with me.

It’s okay, you’re not blogging, you’re merely reading,  so don’t worry, be transparent to yourself. I may not see you, but by me sharing my desire, and by analyzing it, I want you to know yourself and take action to accomplish what you need to accomplish and find true peace before you stop breathing air.

My Analysis

Okay, deep breath. Here it is…

In order to get what I want, I will have to reverse time.

Um, so… so that means…  I can’t get what I want.

I can’t get the one thing I want most.

Wait. I thought this blog post was about finding the true me and getting what I really want…


It’s about discovery. It’s about not ever achieving the one thing you want most and still being okay. Yes. You can never get everything the way you want it, but you can still be okay.

Don’t concern yourself with how. The answer isn’t in analyzing further. It’s in accepting that you cannot reverse time… but you can be okay anyway.

Don’t over think. Just accept that if  you cannot get what you want most, you can still make enormous contributions to society and be completely fulfilled. Because you’re human. Because you breathe air.

And that, my friend,  is what makes you worthy of not being able to get what you want and still be okay.

John Cockroft is no psychologist, but he still can do a mean self-analysis. 

Women’s privacy got invaded by men!

It’s a 21st century thing to be hip, trendy,  current, tolerant, and inclusive, especially on state funded college campuses. That’s what made me gasp when I read that Missouri State University is smiling over it’s recent invasion of privacy geared towards female students, staff and visitors to campus! Huh?

Is this some conservative, back to the ’50s rubbish by some right wing big-haired out of touch religious nut jobs? Nope!  Liberal, open-minded thinkers are the perpetrators!

Yep. Good ol’ MSU Presidente Clif Smart… one smart guy… (sorry, couldn’t resist) decided it was socially relevant and ultra tolerant to take out the urinals in the men’s room and turn it into a women’s room on the fourth floor of the Plaster Student Union.

So, where do the men go when they gotta go? Wait for it…it gets better (or worse?)

Smarty Pants put TWO women’s restrooms up there. And, well,  he’s letting men do their business in BOTH restrooms. In this enlightened, tolerant age, WOMEN are once again the subject of discrimination… early 20th century calling…I hear you loud and clear…

Well, I had to go see this blatant anti-female discrimination for myself. I went up there  and snapped this picture on my phone:


Multi-Stall? Really? Ya think? How many public (non-family) restrooms are multi-stall? Hmm. Oh, yeah. All of ’em, Sherlock!

(See the official news report below where President Smart equates family bathrooms (with a lock) to gender unspecified bathrooms without a lock… BIG difference!)

I didn’t stop at the door. I went in, gamely, a man of the world, born in the 1960s, ready for… what? I don’t know what I expected. Maybe floor to ceiling stalls with sound proof (and odor proof) barriers.

What I had entered was a women’s bathroom. A young lady stood primping at the mirror, but quickened her pace as I slipped into the first stall. “My Lord,” I thought. “You can see through the door slot and underneath and, you can, hear everything… I’m in a women’s restroom legally.”

The young lady had disappeared, naturally. I looked around. Sanitary napkin dispenser. No urinals. Three stalls. A women’s restroom. A boring version of one. But a man image on the door alongside the woman.


Suddenly, I realized what had happened to Presidente Smarty Pants at MSU. He was like the Emperor in the childhood fairy tale. You remember, the portly dude who got duped into paying some tricksters top dollar for the finest clothes.The con-artists told everyone that only ill-bred fools couldn’t see the cloth the clothes were made of, and that astute, intelligent, tolerant, liberal, free-thinking Trump-bashing Americans could see the clothes were indeed made of the finest quality.

You know how this fairy tale goes. The Emperor in nothing but his man bra and pantaloons parades through town with everyone “oohing” and “ahhing” (nobody saw any clothes, but feared being cast an intolerant fool, or worse, a Conservative Republican) so they pretended all was politically correct until this honest kid comes up.

Gotta love kids!

“Looky, looky, the big fat man is walking around in his underwear!”


As I left the restroom and inspected the identical one across the hallway, equally labeled and equally disappointing to women, I felt sorry for the liberated folks who feel threatened that they can’t cross a politically incorrect bridge for fear of being beat down and scoffed at as being “TransPhopic”…(Just put the word “phobic” on anything now if you disagree with someone, and it works; they cave in like a soggy taco shell!)

The entire experience on the fourth floor public restrooms at Plaster Student Union made me feel like I was peeping in on the ladies. It’s not fair for the women who have to endure creepers like me.I can imagine how uncomfortable they feel now that men have invaded their domain. They’re waiting for a 4-year-old boy to yell, “Hey, this is a girls’ bathroom!”

So, get a grip, Emperor Smart… put your clothes back on, the parade’s still going. Get your bathrooms lined up with the right chromosomes. Ditch the social backfire and go back to boys and girls potty breaks.

If you’re confused, ask any 4-year-old.


“On Nov. 18, large signs placed near the restroom entrances stated the change will “allow anyone, at any time, to use either restroom.”

The sign read: “The Plaster Student Union appreciates everyone’s understanding , as it reaffirms its commitment to diversity and inclusion of all students and patrons who used this facility.”

Restrooms on other floors will remain “assigned gender.”

MSU President Clif Smart said this step is part of the university’s ongoing effort to make students, staff, faculty and patrons feel welcome while visiting the campus.

“This is not a major change,” he said. “We have always had 30-50 gender-neutral bathrooms all across campus. Sometimes they have been referred to as family bathrooms.”

The MSU website includes a map showing the types of restrooms available in many of the high traffic buildings including “gendered,” “gender-neutral” and “special circumstance.” Other details include single or multi-stall options and whether or not the restroom can be locked.

Smart said the single-stall “family” bathrooms have long provided an option for nontraditional students who need to change a diaper, seek privacy to breastfeed or want to take a child, of a different gender, to the restroom.

“We wanted to make sure there are options,” he said. “Having multiple bathrooms where both sexes have access is a positive.”

Dean of Students Thomas Lane, associate vice president for student life, works on the fourth floor of the union and there are restrooms right outside his office.

He said it made sense to designate the restrooms in the union, since it was a high traffic area for students and others visiting campus.”

Back to PAST DUE RANT Point of View:

My point in bringing this up is to get MSU to reinstate gender assigned restrooms so the women don’t feel uncomfortable having men in their private space. But I’m just one man vs. the rest of the world!

Your thoughts and comments welcome!

John Cockroft is a former news editor and self-appointed authority on life. He lives in Missouri with his lovely wife and enjoys spending time with his amazing sons. He has authored six books, co-authored two more, and plans to travel to Saturn in a rental car when the rates go low enough. and  TwentyFourSevenMarriage on YouTube for more details about him.