Love Monopoly, but sick of losing after hours of play? Well, my friend, prepare to get your just reward!

Follow these simple instructions and you can kiss losing goodbye!

Barter and pay any amount for the first three Monopoly properties of same color. Don’t waste your time on two color, railroads, utilities, etc. They are only side attractions.

Be first to get 3 same color properties. Then, put houses on them ASAP. The idea is to get 4 houses on each property. NO HOTELS. This keeps the number of possible houses per game (32) at a minimum for your opponents. Once you get a set of properties, get two more ASAP. Sell your other properties, do whatever you can to borrow, bargain, etc. Then, once you get houses on them, keep them at 4 houses per property. If you get 2 sets of 3 same color properties, that’s 12 houses per set or 24 houses for both sets. If you claim 24 houses, that leaves only 8 houses for your opponents. Don’t ever cash in for hotels, cuz that just gives the opposition access to more houses. Then, once you have 24 houses, you sit back, roll the dice, and wait to win.


Oh, and jail is a blessing. It keeps you from landing on the other guys’ properties. Another thing: sell your get out of jail free card to another player. Always insist on cash payments in full for each rent you receive, thus bleeding the competition dry. (Insert evil laugh here, if applicable).

You’re welcome.

Let me know how your next game goes…



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